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We were tempted with 60 degree weather here in Wisconsin just a few days ago. But alas, it is cold and windy again. So much for going to the driving range or schlepping the camera out to High Cliff State Park. Ok, all you hard core landscape photographers can call me a wimp for not shooting outside in weather like this. But, it is almost March and the days are getting longer so it is increasingly difficult for me to shoot outside when it is this cold. Much easier for me to shoot in the cold weather in November or December when the idea of winter is still fresh and new. But, late February - not so much.

So, its back to the basement studio for some flower close-ups. I have been kind of obsessed with flower close-ups lately. I have gotten a few good shots, but I feel there are a lot of variations on the theme that I want to explore. So, there may be more to come.

This particular orchid shot was taken with my 24-70mm zoom and a 20mm extension tube. A lot of light from several strategically placed speed lights allowed me to stop this shot down to f22 to increase the depth of field. Even at f22, I did use a little focus stacking.



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